The Baker and His Daughter

The Baker and His Daughter

Plant-based diets have become more and more common and Niagara is a hub of some amazing businesses that support them. A new addition to our long list of amazing vegan businesses is The Baker and His Daughter

Focusing on plant-based baked goods and pastries that are delivered right to your door, The Baker and His Daughter are bringing Niagara something special.

Meet Kelly and Thierry, the talent behind the amazing plant-based baked goods delivered right to your door.


Thierry, as you might have guessed, is Kelly’s father and comes from a background in food science education, has worked with Michelin star chefs in Halifax,  the Four Seasons in Toronto, and previously owned a pastry shop in Oakville. His love for baking is exemplified through teaching night classes for 10 years at George Brown giving back his knowledge to the next generation. It’s safe to say his talents combined with his family values have been inspirational.


Kelly, the youngest in the family, is the inspiration behind the plant based baked goods.  Having spent the past several years researching and adapting her personal life to a plant-based diet showed her how difficult finding delicious quality vegan baked goods was. Working endlessly she began re-creating some of her favourite pastries and baked goods into plant-based versions that she’d pass as regular ones at family functions, the most-important taste test there is!

Combining Thierry’s experience and knowledge with Kelly’s ambition and hard work is a no brainier when you think about building a business that focuses on plant-based baked goods.

Although they have always played with that idea, the pandemic has accelerated ideas into action bringing Niagara The Baker and His Daughter.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box and I have to say I was blown away. The presentation was amazing and I immediately thought this would be an amazing gift for a friend or an inviting platter at a party.

The first thing I noticed in the box was the chocolate croissant. Anyone who’s not on a plant based diet knows that there’s just some things that can’t pass the taste test when converting something to a vegan version. Knowing that most croissants are made with an ample amount of butter I knew that if the croissant passed the taste test than everything else would be delicious as well.

And as Thierry and Kelly have told me, they want their baking to do the talking, and it does in spades. The croissant most-definitely passed the taste test and was gone in under 2 minutes.

Everything was fresh, flavourful, and most importantly it was delicious. The biscotti was an excellent addition to my morning coffee and the granola was a perfect brunch snack.  

My Order Contents:

Chocolate Croissant (must try)


Carrot Loaf

Cinnamon Bun



Biscotti: Ginger Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate

Loaves: Coffee Cake (must try), Carrot, and Marble  

Cookies: Oatmeal, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip

It’s safe to say that Thierry and Kelly have started something that’s adding to our community of delicious vegan food. With the ability to customize a home-delivered box it gives you the opportunity to send a thoughtful gift or selfishly indulge. To put it simply, I would add this to your short-list of must tries in the region.

As of August 1st The Baker and His Daughter are taking orders. You can find out more on their website and Instagram profile linked below. 


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