If you’ve followed my day to day stories then you already know about Incoho. The new eatery is bringing the downtown core amazing fresh foods at affordable prices. Add in the fact that they focus on using in-season, local foods, while reducing food waste and you know you have something special.

Chefs, and co-owners, Selah and Ray are working endlessly to bring St. Catharines a unique dining experience while trying to change the culinary world one step at a time. The dynamic duo are always bringing their menu a creative new feature.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit is the beautiful modern feel in the newly renovated space. You’re often greeted by one of the cooking staff behind the counter ready to take your order. That’s usually the second thing you notice at Incoho, all of cooking staff are also the serving staff. They believe that a big part of dining experience is having your food prepared and served by the same person. 

That’s something I love and hadn’t thought about before. Whenever you see or try something you’ve never had (like the deep friend gnocchi) you can always ask about the details on how they came up with the idea and prepared it on the spot.  


8oz Ribeye Burger

Incoho is also part of Victor Farms share program where they go to the farm and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from the weekly harvest. Although it may not be important for everyone, I think its an amazing thing knowing exactly where your food comes from. It also adds to the ever-changing, and creative, menu features that keep you coming back.

An important thing to note is that Incoho gives off a “fine dinning” feel when you walk in but their attitudes are quite the opposite. The menu is priced incredibly fair and the portion size is generous. To give you an example you can get a big burger for $11 or a breakfast sandwich for $4. Killer food for great prices wins me over 10/10 times. 

Now lets jump to my favourite healthy meals!


1. Market Bowl

The market bowl consist of eggs, cherry tomato, cucumber, zucchini, seasonal greens, and seasoned beef in soy ginger dressing. It’s a filling meal you can sit down and eat or grab to go. Healthy fats and protein keep you full for longer and it tastes so fresh. Whether you’re dieting for the summer or looking to mix in healthier meals-this is your answer!

2. The Sit Down

Whenever I’m dieting or just trying to cut back on over eating, I tend to hold off on breakfast and get a bigger lunch and a light dinner. That’s where The Sit Down comes in. Containing bacon, peameal, sausage, deep fried gnocchi, buttermilk scone, 2 eggs, and tomato jam.

I usually cut out the deep fried gnocchi and keep the rest. Although it takes a massive amount of will-power, the gnocchi is mouthwatering to say the least.


Incoho has brings St. Catharines a fresh outlook on eating delicious food. Sourcing local ingredients and reducing food waste is important and something we should all think about. Add in the fact that their menu is incredibly affordable with a ton of healthy options makes it a great spot. 

Incoho also has a family-style dinner service with a single seating time. I’ll be checking out their dinner menu in a few weeks to report back. But I think we all know it’s going to be amazing.  

Feel free to email me or send me a DM on your favourite meal from Incoho!

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