Edible Options

Edible Options

Starting a new diet or trying to cut something out? Whether  it’s sugar, corn, or dairy products, the gluten-free bakery Edible Options has you covered.

Located off of Fourth Avenue in St. Catharines, is where you’ll find the urban bakery serving up some of the best desserts you can get your hands on. 

Inside you’ll often find owner Jen and her lovely staff hard at work. Although it’s dessert month I have to mention their bread. I have a few friends who are gluten free and they swear by the bread, and quite frankly anytime I’ve been in the bakery every other person is picking up an order of their amazing gluten-free bread.

I’ve had it a few times and its clear why its so popular, if you have some friends or family who are gluten free be sure to check this place out!

1. Ginger Molasses Cookie

I’m somewhat of a ginger mo cookie connoisseur. Anytime I visit a cafe or coffee shop and they have a ginger molasses cookie I always get it. There’s nothing better than having it warmed up with a hot cup of coffee to dip it in.

Edible Options make an amazing ginger molasses cookie. Has the perfect ratio of flavours and has the perfect amount of chewiness.  Getting a coffee and cookie on Saturdays is one of my favourite things to do!

2. Pecan Tart

You already know I love pie and you cant just be eating an entire pecan pie to yourself or you’ll start to get strange looks. A good way around this problem is getting a bunch of Edible Options pecan tarts. They’re amazing. Be sure to get 2…or 6…whatever you’re into.

3. Whoopie Pie

If you like chocolate than this is for you. The classic whoopie pie with more chocolate and less gluten. Soft, chewy, and an amazing chocolate flavour just the way you want them. 


Edible Options is bringing the city and region an amazing selection of foods minus the gluten. They also offer a variety of vegan, dairy free, corn free, and sugar free options.

We all know someone who has dietary restrictions but cant seem to find any options for dessert. Edible Options can help you find something for anyone. Be sure to check them out for cinnamon bun Saturdays, you wont regret it!

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