Manic Pixie Dream Coffee

Manic Pixie Dream Coffee

Today’s local business feature is something that’s near and dear to my heart…coffee! If you love fresh and flavourful coffee and want to support local business then I’ve found the coffee for you.

Manic Pixie Dream is a local coffee roaster based out of St. Catharines, Ontario. Owners Kristen and Casey are roasting the freshest coffee with intense attention to detail, creativity, and passion for quality coffee at an affordable cost. 

Kristen and Casey ensure their beans are single origin and ethically sourced, meaning the flavour you get is from one place and one time period and ensures farmers are fairly paid. What makes their coffee different is that each year or season can have a different effect on the bean and that changes the subtleties of the coffee you’re drinking. Allowing each harvest to yield natural differences in flavour is something I appreciate because it showcases where it came from.

You might be wondering what their name means, it’s a reference to the common movie/TV show trope and a breakdown of their coffee lines:


Rare beans, low yields, unique flavours. 


Standard line.


Experimental roasts.


Two flavours I love are Shooting Star, and Dixon’s Rye Barrel-Aged Coffee.

I wont get into all the nitty-gritty flavour details but if you love making espresso then the Shooting Star is for you. The beans are grown specifically for espressos and it absolutely shows.

The Dixon Rye coffee makes for an amazing morning cup of coffee, I shared a few cups with some friends and it was a hit. Whether you like your coffee black, or with cream, the unique flavours of rye and coffee make your mornings that much better.

If you like good, ethically sourced, coffee and want to support local definitely check out Manic Pixie Dream. 

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